Founded by lifelong dog lover Bob Morris
and his trusty pooch, Mr. Winston Beans, 
Yo! Dog Walker has been making Los Feliz, Silver lake, Atwater Village, Hollywood, Echo Park,  Eagle Rock, Highland Park & Glassell Park, Pasadena and other nearby dogs smile since 2013.

The team at YO! Dog is family. We have a caring, dedicated and reliable staff who we see as our family and care for them so they can care for you and yours. 


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Kate runs the show at YO! She's a veteran of the dog industry and a terrific bowler. Not only is she phenomenal with dogs but also makes sure our clients know what's up and get everything they need!

Stephanie makes sure the dogs get tons of action and the clients get great feedback on their daycare hangs. She is a lover of all animals and all animals love her back!

Roxy is our resident sweetie. Good luck catching her not smiling. Working with dogs has been a lifelong passion and she builds incredible connections with her doggie friends. Roxy mostly walks in Los Feliz.

Jeremy makes sure all of our new clients needs are met and our team is able to provide the best service to our furry friends. He also plays a mean guitar riff or two and drives the doggy van!

Jesse's picture is next to "dog lover" in a the dictionary. He's actually just an all around animal friend. He's an aspiring dog trainer as well as a safe and thoughtful driver of the pups. He mostly walks in Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz

Mauricio is one of the funniest and kindest dudes this side of the Mississippi. His patience and creativity comes through everyday in the way he keeps dogs engaged. He is hiking Monday through Friday and covering walks in Atwater Village.

Kasey is a true dog companion. He makes sure all the dogs are entertained and safe while we party on the weekend nights. He's been known to bust out the disco ball and boogie through the night!

Bob was interested in dogs from a very young age. In 2013 he began Yo! Dog and looks forward to another 10 years of pleasing the pooches.